Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Storage

Generally, we will only collect personal information from you that is necessary for providing our
quotation service to you. This information can include however not limited to your name, address, phone
number and email address.

Use of the Personal information

The personal information that we require will solely be used to provide our service to you. This will
include emailing you the quote, contacting you with the products you requested, and
processing/despatching your order to your address.

Your information will not be sold, rented, distributed or leased to third parties. Your information will not
be disclosed in any way outside the primary operations of the business. Your information may be
disclosed if it is required by law.

Use of Cookies and Cache

Cookies are text files that are used for storing information locally on your computer for the current
session. No sensitive information or history are collected by BL Japanese Truck Spares, nor is the data
stored on our servers.

Caches are web browsers that open a website page, download the page data and save it to the cache. The
next time the website page is loaded, the browser will load it from the cache instead of downloading the
page data again. Your cache could potentially contain sensitive information, however it is only ever
stored locally on your computer or device. BL Japanese Truck Spares does not store your cache, or any
data related to your client session.

Storing and securing of your Personal Information

All your information is stored securely electronically and hard copy. In order to prevent unauthorised
access, we stored on secure servers with the latest firewalls, antivirus and strong passwords as well as
suitable physical storage for hard copy to safeguard and secure the information we collected.

Changes to Privacy Policy

BL Japanese Truck Spares from time to time will be required to update this Privacy policy details. We
will notify you of these changes by publishing the updates within this Privacy Policy, we encourage you
from time to time to review this Privacy Policy.

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